Artisans of Food

Delicious local produce has never tasted so good!

You will discover plenty of boutique produce from local growers including Ashburn Farms,  farmers market on Fridays and Sams Farm Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.   Jamworks Gourmet Foods and Larder.  Don’t forget to  pick up your favourite apple juice from Suttons Juice Factory.

From chocolates at Heavenly Chocolate, to Vivienne’s Cottage homemade spices, there is definitely something to tantalise every palate. If you are a curry lover you must get your hands on our favourite  Sri Lankan Curry Powder from Vivienne’s Cottage.

Cheese lovers must stop at the Granite Belt Dairy for a small but highly regarded specialty cheese factory located at the Summit.  All cheeses are handmade at the factory using milk from their own Jersey cattle.   Cheese tasting offers a unique opportunity to taste the full range of cheeses and preserves from the local gourmet region.